RRS Assembly (19th May 2017)

Congratulations to the CORE Committee for planning and delivering this first assembly! They did a great job of introducing this month’s Article:

Article 23 – It states that if you are disabled you have the right to be fully included and respected at all times, and to have everything you need to grow up and be the best you can be.

The boys and girls from the CORE introduced the Article using a UNICEF video:


They then asked the Hermitage Primary children why they thought the right was important and shared some of their own ideas.

The CORE Committee have been very busy researching the ways Hermitage Primary School includes all children including those with a disability and they found lots of good features including ramps, wide corridors and Makaton symbols.

Some members of the CORE Committee were also lucky enough to visit Parklands School and find out all the fantastic things their building has for the children that attend there. It was very kind of the Parklands staff to let us visit and we want to say another big ‘Thank You’!

The CORE Committee reminded us that by participating in Article 23 all children, including disabled children can reach their full potential and achieve great things and talked about some inspiring examples including our very own Gordon Reid and a South African girl called Michaela Mycroft.

This video shows what an amazing difference Michaela made for lots of children:


The CORE Committee finished off by explaining to the children what to do for their Rights Respecting Schools Homework Tasks this month which will be sent home this week. We hope you enjoy completing them together!

Well done again to the CORE Committee and thank you for all your hard work and dedication including an after school club and lunchtime practices.