P7: Health Week News (2016)

Fit, fresh, fun and full of energy could sum up Primary 7’s Health Week. From cooking with fresh, lean ingredients alongside Quorn’s own chef, to the high energy dance routine they created with Mr & Mrs Joseph of Urbaniks street dance. There was an opportunity to work on their ball control in a basketball skills class and a healthy choices cookie making activity – which must have been successful as not a single sample made it to the staffroom! P7 also managed to get some social dancing practise in to polish their skills for their upcoming Day of Dance, as well as experiencing some relaxation techniques with Fiona, our massage expert.

It was a fun-filled week full of experiences to help the children make connections between healthy choices and a happy, healthy and balanced body and mind.

A special thanks to Quorn, Fiona and the Josephs for their expertise.

Cookie Making

Cooking with Quorn


Basketball Skills