P6A RRS Class Charter (2016)

Primary 6A chose a Super Mario theme for our Class Charter. We all decorated a Super Mario Mushroom and then chose the article number from our chosen 6 that we felt, as an individual was most important. We have agreed to work together to reach our targets and will focus on the following articles.

Our articles are:
Article 1 – Governments should take steps to stop children being taken out of their own country illegally.
Article 4 – Governments should make these rights available to children.
Article 23 – Children who have any kind of disability should have special care and support so that they can lead full and independent lives.
Article 24 – All children should have clean water, good food and clean environment so they can stay healthy.
Article 33 – The government should provide ways of protecting children from dangerous drugs.
Article 34 – The government should protect children from sexual abuse.