P6: X-Country Time Trials (Apr 2018)

Ahead of the inter-schools x-country relay, Primary 6 held time trials to determine who would compete in the relay race and represent P6. The boys went first, and after an exciting race the qualifiers were:

In 1st place – Ross, in 2nd place – Rory, in 3rd place – Alastair, and in 4th place, the substitute was Finn H.

The girls raced soon after and the results of the very tense race were:

In 1st place – Eilidh, in 2nd place – Sarah, in 3rd place – Lucy, and in 4th place, the substitute was Sophie.

Overall it was very fun to race and P6 have really enjoyed x-country so far.

Written and reported by L.A. (Reporter, P6 Pupil News Team)