P6: Launch Electoral Commission for Pupil Council Elections (Sep 2017)

As part of their democracy topic learning, P6 have been working towards planning, organising and running Hermitage Primary’s first polling day to learn about a democratic election process and to promote and guarantee a fair election and result in the 2017 Pupil Council elections.

In this pre-election stage, the pupils formed an electoral commission, chose roles and formed teams which ranged from:  Returning Officer’s Team, Design Team, Candidate Advice Team and Ballot Team. P6 then set about informing P4-7 of the election process, calling for candidates, creating notices of election and preparing ballot boxes and ballot papers.

As Polling Day drew closer, P6 confirmed candidates, were given polling station roles led by our six Returning Officers and made final preparations for our inaugural polling day.  Check our follow-up posts for our election day news…