P5 RRS Class Charter (2016)

In Primary 5 we chose 6 rights that we wanted to focus on at our stage.

We chose Article 24, the right to good quality healthcare, clean water, nutritious food and a safe environment. To respect this right the P5 children agreed to bring a clean water bottle to school every day, bring in healthy snacks, always put litter in the bin and help keep our classroom tidy. The P5 adults agreed to let us fill our water bottles whenever it was a reasonable time, provide bins, keep their desks tidy and provide a labelled place for everything to go in the classroom.

We also chose Article 7, the right to a name and nationality. The P5 children agreed to call each other by the name we would like to be known by and not to call anyone an unkind name. The P5 adults agreed to also call us by the name that we would like to be known by and take all our worries about name calling seriously.

We chose Article 12, the right to have a say in all matters affecting us and to have our views taken seriously. The P5 children agreed to listen to and respect the views of others, take turns to share our views and share our views in a calm and friendly way. The P5 adults agreed to give opportunities for children to share their views and to listen to children’s views

Another right we chose was Article 15, the right to meet with other children and join groups and organisations. The P5 children agreed to participate in clubs that are offered to us and behave respectfully at our clubs. The P5 adults agreed to give children information about clubs and offer and run a variety of clubs.

We also chose Article 28, the right to education. The P5 children agreed to work hard and try our best during school and respect others’ right to education by not being disruptive. The P5 adults agreed to plan and teach interesting lessons and activities and help and support and challenge children in their learning.

The final right we chose to focus on was Article 31, the right to relax and play. The P5 children agreed to include others when we are playing and make an effort to join in with other children. The P5 adults agreed to provide a variety of choices during Golden Time and encourage children to join in by providing a Playground Buddy if needed.

We then decided in our classes how we would like our charters to look. P5A opted for an Emoji design and each child and adult drew their favourite emoji to sign up to the charter. P5B chose a Harry Potter theme and signed up to their charter by designing their own magic wand.