P5: Loch Sloy Trip (2016)

Primary 5 had a great visit to Loch Sloy Hydro Power Station in November. Mr Wallace and his colleagues kindly gave up their time to show us around the power station and explain to us how hydro power is generated.



We got to visit the dam to see where the water is collected and followed it’s journey from the loch to the power station through the amazing penstocks that looked like giant water slides.

Inside the station we had to work in groups to complete the ‘Dam Challenge’. We had to collect as much water in the dam as we could without any major spillages!

 We also got to see the amazing generators and learn about how they work!

At the end of our day Mr Wallace let us see the old control room and we got to have fun pushing all the buttons!

The trip really helped bring our Science topic about Electricity to life.