P5: Health Week Update (Feb 2018)

During Health Week Primary 5 enjoyed taking part in a variety of different activities. Pilates was a particular favourite with the children where they took part in a session which combined Zumba moves, Boxercise and Pilates! There were lots of sweaty faces after a 1 minute plank challenge to end the session!! P5 also had a chance to try out Hockey during health week and had lots of fun challenging each other to score goals.

The children also worked in pairs to make delicious Pitta Pizzas! Lots of healthy options ensured the children could create a healthy alternative to a traditional pizza.

We were very lucky to have an outside visitor from McCains Potatoes come in and help us learn about how potatoes are grown. P5 were given a bag of potatoes and are responsible for planting and harvesting these in the school garden. In pairs the children researched and created recipes for healthy baked potato toppings which we hope to try out once our potatoes have grown.