P5 Health Week News (2016)

With their pita pizzas, P5 used Health Week to prove that their alternative and far healthier little snacks are no less tasty or fun to make than its more calorific counter-part.  Using a simple pasata and topped with fresh veg, P5 had a wonderful time making their healthy, time-saving and tasty treats.  It’s safe to say that they devoured them just as quickly.  It was a packed week for P5 who also enjoyed a high-energy Urbaniks street dance session as well as learning the benefits of relaxation through simple movements and massage techniques. Importantly, P5 also undertook the next step in their Heartstart training by learning about how to respond to a choking situation and got to enjoy the Science Centre’s Bodyworks show as they explained what happens to your body when you exercise. It was an action-packed week for P5. When’s that holiday!?

Pizza Pizzaz