P4: Viking Topic Work

P4 loved their recent interdisciplinary Viking topic!  A highlight was a visit to the award-winning Vikingar in Largs in October.

The children were welcomed into a ‘longhouse’ by ‘Viking’ guides and immersed in everyday Viking life. Beliefs were then challenged as they courageously ‘visited’ Valhalla, hall of the slain, care of one-eyed ‘Odin’. A Viking counterpart, a young warrior at the Battle of Largs, invited further comparison, ‘narrating’ sagas of his ancestors. Re-enacting other roles in Viking society, boys and girls were dressed typically. They even ‘married’ – with more or less consent!

Parents later sampled flatbread & mead at our open afternoon, when multi-disciplinary work on the topic was proudly showcased, with technological help from QR codes and tablet readers.

You can see some of P4’s interdisciplinary learning by flicking through the presentation below: