P4: Special Assembly Video (2016)

Today, P4 surprised us all by producing a mini-fringe festival as part of their Special Assembly. In a show already packed full of song, poetry and historical reenactments, they further demonstrated their learning in the most fabulous way, by recreating one of Edinburgh’s most famous attractions.  With comedy, mime, dance and acrobatics thrown into the mix, P4 wowed the audience with a fantastic array of talent. As they took to the stage to showcase their talents, you could see just how much the children have enjoyed this topic. You can watch the whole show below.

Part 1 is the main event while their fringe festival is in Part 2. There’s even an unintended comedy moment during the encore which we’ve added as Part 3 (Sorry, Mr H).

Thank you to the incredibly talented P4 children for a wonderful show, and to the equally talented P4 staff for helping them demonstrate their learning in such a fun-filled way.  Finally, a very special thank you to Mr Henry Snr for taking time to support the children with the guitar accompaniment.