P3’s Pop Up Tuck Shop (Feb 2018)

As part of our Shops and Shopping topic, we learned how to run a shop. We chose a product to sell, chose our target audience and chose how much to sell our product for.  We learned about making a profit and decided to give our profits to a charity called Refuweegee.  They aim to make refugees arriving in Scotland feel welcome by providing them with a welcome pack as well as welcoming letters.  We used our measuring and team work skills to make shortbread to sell.  We also designed and made our own, limited edition boxes to store the shortbread in as part of a promotional deal.  We used our maths skills of nets of 3D shapes to build the boxes, which were cuboids.  Our Pop-Up-Tuck-Shop was an enormous success; we had big queues, sold out of our product and raised £100!  We contacted Refuweegee and they said that they need blankets the most, so we plan to buy blankets with the money raised and send them to them, with the welcome letters, which we wrote in our language lessons.  We would like to thank Mr Redstone for all of his helping with running our Pop-Up-Tuck-Shop.