P3 Body Works

As part of their hospital topic primary 3 recently had a visit from the Science Centre who delivered a workshop called Body Works.  Primary 3 thoroughly enjoyed the visit and it enhanced their learning.

Read Tio Rayne’s account of what he thought about it:

“I found my Science visit incedibly interesting because it showed healthy lungs and black lungs and it showed how smoking was so bad for your health.  It was so amazing how the cardboard could find your pulse and tell how fast your heart rate is going.  What I found most fascinating was the Ten Year Time Traveller because it showed if you were smoking or drinking and I was extremely shocked at how I would look if I drink but I will never drink when I’m grown up.  There was a tricky task: there was a leg and an arm with no muscles on it so we had top figure out where the muscles were.  It was extraordinary hard because I’ve never seen so many weird muscles in my life.  It was such an interesting visit and I wish they would come again!”

Tio Rayne P3b