P2: Farm Trip

Primary 2 took their learning outdoors on Thursday 8th October, with a visit to Briarlands Farm in Stirling. During a very informative trip around the farm on a tractor, P2 got to see the recently harvested barley and the giant hay lofts housing the winter stores of hay and straw.  We met some young calves as well as Rocky the retired bull and Snuffles and Snout the Saddleback boars.  We even managed to get some of our big questions answered, including: ‘how much do cows eat?’ (*answer at the bottom). The eggs had just been collected from the hen house and some new born chicks came out to meet us. We had lunch, a little play in the fabulous park and time for a shot on the very popular jumping pillows before it was time to head back to the bus. The weather was far too kind for October but meant we got to spend our entire time (picnic included) outdoors.

A very special thank you to our team of helpers and to the very welcoming staff at Briarlands farm. It was a fabulous day of learning and fun on the farm and the children had a wonderful time.

*A herd of 20 cows will eat its way through a bale of hay each day.