P2: Egg Rolling Video (2016)

Today, P2 took part in one of the stage’s time honoured traditions; the annual P2 egg roll in Hermitage Park.

Armed with their eggs-ellent designs, we were witness to zombie eggs, furry eggs, feathered eggs and even some Star Wars eggs. One yoker even wrapped their egg up in an attempt to protect it! But even that couldn’t stop the obliteration which followed. As P2 eggs-tatically lined up on the brow of the hill, their eggs-uberence just about made it through the countdown from 10. It was a hugely eggs-iting afternoon and you can watch their eggs-ploits in the video below.  We may have over-egged it with the music* so you might need that volume button.

* In case you were wondering, the song recently came out top in a P2 naughties music appreciation lesson and seemed to fit the action far too well.