P1: Eco Week (Mar 2018)

Primary 1 had lots of fun being green for Eco week with many interesting activities about helping the environment. We enjoyed working as a team in the class to make sure we switched off lights and computers as well as using the right bins for recycling our rubbish.

In our Activities session, we made good use of our technology skills to create a junk model of a litter monster. We worked in groups to plan and build our litter monster and thought of interesting ways the monster could collect rubbish and how it could recycle things. The junk we used came from our own recycling bins so we had lots of different shapes and sizes to create unique models. In our Literacy lesson, we took the opportunity to use different describing words to write descriptions of our monsters and how they work. We were very happy to present our ideas to the school during the Eco Week assembly too.

In Primary 1, we love to take our learning outdoors so we decided to make the most of the nature around the school to make story sticks. We wrapped a stick in sticky tape and took it for a walk to create a story with the different things we found and stuck to our stick. There were lots of imaginative ideas to share with our friends.

As part of our learning about dinosaurs becoming extinct, we also discussed endangered animals in the world now and how we can help to keep them alive. We also got to have a day wearing green and a day of not using any electricity. It was a fun and interesting week.