P3: Eco Week (Mar 2018)

P3 had a very busy Eco Week with lots of visitors in, who helped us with our learning.  We started the week by carrying out a traffic survey on Sinclair Street.  We compared two different times of day – Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning, to see which was busier.  We made predictions, gathered our data then displayed it in bar charts.  We realised that lots of people travel by car so we made posters to encourage people to travel in a more environmentally friendly way.  We also had a visit from Cal Mac, to help us with our Argyll and Bute topic learning.  Their Wildlife Officer came and told us about the wildlife around Argyll and Bute and that we need to make sure that we don’t put litter in the ocean or on our beaches because, sometimes, sharks, whales and dolphins mistake it for food.  We also had a visit from Grab Trust, who taught us more about keeping our beaches clean to help our environment.  We had to make predictions about how long litter took to disappear in the ocean.  We found out that plastic never disappears! We had lots of fun learning about the Environment during Eco Week.