Below you can find a list of the current staff and professionals who make Hermitage a fantastic place to learn.

Management Team
Mrs Elspeth Davis, Head Teacher

Mrs Lynda McMurdo, Depute Head Teacher (P1-3)
Mr Paul Mulvenna, Depute Head Teacher (P4-7)

Primary 1
(1a) Miss Rosalind Philips

(1b) Miss Rachel Gallacher
(1c) Mrs Carol Brown

Primary 2
(2a) Miss Fiona D’Arcy

(2b) Mrs Emma Stevenson/Mrs Wendy Robinson

Primary 3
(3a) Mrs Pauline Rae

(3b) Mrs Anne Miller

Primary 4
(4a) Mrs Laura Johnstone

(4b) Miss SJ Williams

Primary 5
(5a) Miss Amy Tolland

(5b) Mr Darren Craig

Primary 6
(6a) Mrs Louise Grafton

(6b) Mr Diego Osorio

Primary 7
(7a) Miss Kirsty Todd

(7b) Mrs Nicola Guthrie

Additional Teachers (Teacher NCCT Cover)
Mrs Morag Ridland – Music (Wed, Thurs)
Mr Simon Henry – Outdoor Learning (Mon, Wed, Thurs)
Mrs Lyndsay Carmichael – Pupil Support (Maths)

Pupil Support Teacher
Mrs Colette Lafferty-McGaw (Literacy and Nurture)

Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs Madeline Johnston (Nurture and Wellbeing)

Visiting Specialists
Mrs Gillian McGrogan
(Advises on speech and language matters for children in our school who have Additional Support Needs.)
Dr Anne Grieg
(Allocated Educational Psychologist.)

Support Staff
Mrs Donna Bradbury/Mrs Victoria Carter (P1)
Miss Malatesta (P2)
Mrs Alison MacFarlane (P3)
Mrs Alison Carmichael (P4)
Mrs Arlene McNeilage (P5)
Mrs Lucy Impey/Mrs Pauline Bates (P6)
Mrs Sue Cox (P7)

Office Staff
Mrs Jean McHard
Mrs Jen Michie
Mrs Margaret Blair

Janitorial Staff
Mr Brian Tracey

Catering/Cleaning Supervisors
Mrs Heather Brown (Catering)
Mr Robert Campbell (Cleaning)