P3: Children in Need Pop Up Tuck Shop (2016)

On Friday the 28th of October the Primary 3 classes in Hermitage Primary hosted a spectacular Pop Up Tuck shop to raise money for Children in Need.

The Primary 3 classes have been learning about Shops and Shopping as their topic and had the idea to run a pop up tuck shop to raise money for the charity.  “We worked very hard to make meringues, crispie cakes, top hats and chocolate crispies, we made enough to cover 4 tables,” said one student from Primary 3. The event was hugely successful and another student from Primary 3 couldn’t believe how many pupils turned up to buy all the cakes: “most of our school turned up, there were very long queues”. The pupils organised the whole event themselves from bakes, designing gift bags, setting prices, making promotional videos, selling the products and even banking the money!

Even though a lot of hard work was required the pupils thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were delighted to raised £81.70 in just 15 minutes! One particular student was very proud stating: “we did amazingly well, it was the best day ever!”