Health Week Highlights

Date: 19th May 2020, Categories: Health Week, Videos

It was a such a wonderful week with such a variety of fun activities that we thought our Health Week highlights deserved a little video of its own. Watch the highlights here, now…

Health Week 2020

Date: 11th May 2020, Categories: Health Week, Videos

Welcome to Health Week and Virtual Sports Day 2020. Each day there’ll be a new morning fitness video hosted by Mrs Bates plus a new Virtual Sports Day Challenge hosted by Mr Mulvenna and Mrs McMurdo.

P5: Health Week Update (Feb 2018)

Date: 8th Mar 2018, Categories: Class of 2013, Health Week

During Health Week Primary 5 enjoyed taking part in a variety of different activities. Pilates was a particular favourite with the children where they took part in a session which combined Zumba moves, Boxercise and Pilates! There were lots of sweaty faces after a 1 minute plank challenge to end the session!! P5 also had […]

Health Week (Feb 2018)

Date: 27th Feb 2018, Categories: Health Week

This year, Hermitage Primary School’s Health Week ran from the 5th-9th February 2018 and pupils enjoyed focusing on healthy lifestyle topics such as exercise and sport, healthy eating, and the benefits of relaxation. Over the course of the week, students across the stages met expert coaches who created sample sessions in a variety of sporting activities as well […]

P6: Health Week News (2017)

Date: 2nd Mar 2017, Categories: Class of 2011, Health Week

Primary 6 recently took part in a  fun filled, active Health week. They were able to take part in exciting activities such as zumba, rugby and food tasting. In rugby they were put through their paces by a coach. They were able to play passing games and compete amongst one another in relay activities. The […]

P4: Health Week News (2017)

Date: 1st Mar 2017, Categories: Class of 2013, Health Week

Primary 4 enjoyed these activities during Health Week: Judo: Pupils from P4 enjoyed taking part in a judo lesson. They learned how to pin people down and also flick and throw them. Smoothy: P4 made 3 different types of healthy smoothy as part of Health Week. One was strawberry, banana and orange juice. Another was mango, […]

P1 Health Week News (2017)

Date: 27th Feb 2017, Categories: Class of 2016, Health Week

Primary 1 enjoyed many energetic activities during Health Week including; Judo, Zumba, mini kickers and an introduction to sailing.  We also tasted some delicious, unusual fruit and veg and made a healthy jelly using our measuring skills.  

P5: Health Week News (2017)

Date: 27th Feb 2017, Categories: Class of 2012, Health Week

P5 had a very fun and exciting Health week and experienced a range of different and new experiences. They had the chance to learn about and take part in new sports such as Judo, Taekwondo, Zumba, Sailing and even some themed Yoga. P5 loved making their own healthy pitta bread pizzas and had the chance […]

P7 Health Week News (2017)

Date: 22nd Feb 2017, Categories: Class of 2010, Health Week

Primary 7 enjoyed a busy and fun filled Health Week with lots of activities to help make healthier choices to ensure a happy mind and body in the future. We had an interesting session learning all about Quorn and the history behind making this protein filled food. We then cooked using plenty of healthy ingredients […]

P3: Health Week News (2017)

Date: 21st Feb 2017, Categories: Class of 2014, Health Week

Primary 3 had a physical and fun filled afternoon learning Taekwon-do during health week. Everybody took part and learned how to show respect to their opponent as well as how to pin them down. Some boys and girls were even used to demonstrate a flip! Mya Logan said “the best part was being flipped over, that […]