The Caterpillar Diaries

As part of their term 4 Minibeast topic, P2 have taken delivery of some incredibly small caterpillars.  It is hoped that with some love, care and attention, they will grow and metamorphosise into beautiful Painted Ladies as we learn about the life-cycle of a butterfly.

Over the coming weeks, teams of P2 pupils will observe and record the progress of the caterpillars as they go through their various stages of transformation.

Perhaps you would like to learn along with us as we record a video diary of our observations. **All words and camera work by P2**

The latest video is at the top:

Day 34: And so it begins again…

Day 33: Wild Flower Power

Day 32: Three and a half (½)!

Day 29-31: Flying Practice

Day 28: A Sticky Situation

Day 27: Egg > Caterpillar > Chrysalis > BUTTERFLY!!

Day 26: We almost forgot…

Day 23-25: The Life-cycle of a Butterfly

Day 23: Hopefully soon…

Day 22: Hmm, all quiet

Day 21: Moving Day

Day 20: Getting Ready

Day 19: Chrysalis, Cocoon, Pupa

Day 18: Where have all of my friends gone?

Day 17: Starting to dangle

Day 16: Teensy and Tubby

Day 15: Can caterpillars swim?

Days 10-14: They’re humongous!

Holiday Extra: Pupil pupa predictions pictograph (my goodness that’s a mouthful!)

Day 9: Phew, it’s alive!

Day 8: Expired?

Day 7: Can you measure a caterpillar?

Days 4-6: bigger and hairier

Our Observation Station: P2’s master builders humble Mr Craig

Day 3: They’re furry!!

Day 2: Surely not growing already?

Day 1: A Surprise Package…