Supporting Literacy at Home

Yes! You made it here and saved some paper – the Eco Team will be very pleased.

Below you will find the spelling and reading activity grids for P2-4 and P5-7.

Choices are important in the children’s learning and help them connect with new concepts and identify activities which fit with the way they like to learn. Using our Literacy Grids you can support learning at home by choosing differing activities each week. Children may choose to play to their strengths one week and take on a more challenging activity the following week. The choice is entirely theirs. There is even the opportunity to create their own activities. We hope you enjoy the activities – feel free to dip and and use them whenever you like and most of all have a little fun while learning. Remember, while there is no expectation from teachers for children to complete this as ‘homework’, you may wish to bring things in to share whenever you are particulalrly proud of things you have done. Good Luck.

If you’d like a printed copy, just let us know in the planner and we’ll send one home.



Guided Reading First Level P2-P4

Guided Reading Second Level P5-P7