Science Fair 2015

Staff put their feet up for an afternoon as pupils turned teachers at Hermitage Primary’s inaugural science fair.

The school was a hive of activity as each class was challenged to share their science learning with another.  There was an audible buzz of excitement as presenting teams readied themselves to discuss their experiences, share their learning and demonstrate scientific concepts to live audiences.

The pupils made wonderful teachers and were incredibly motivated by an afternoon of peer learning, as well as the opportunity to conduct experiments with live audience participation.  As the first round of presentations kicked-off, it quickly became clear what a powerful learning experience this was for the children.

Pupil feedback was overwhelmingly positive.  Presenting teams found it to be an incredibly enjoyable and empowering experience while the pupil audiences were also highly engaged and left with new perspectives on the world around them.

Thank you to Mrs Trotter for organising the fair and to staff for supporting pupils and the event.  It is sure to be repeated.

Presenting Teams

Primary 1: Day & Night / The Senses

Primary 2: Magnetism / Surfacing and Submerging

Primary 3: Dissolving / The Body

Primary 4: The Planets / Friction

Primary 5: Earth’s Structure /

Primary 6: Chemical Reactions /

Primary 7 : Acid Rain / Circuits