RRS Assembly (Jun 2017)

On Friday 16th June we had our last Rights Respecting School’s assembly of the year. Mrs Jackson started off by reminding the children about all of the Articles from the UNCRC that we have focussed on this year. We have learned a lot about our rights in Hermitage Primary School!

Then it was over to the CORE committee who shared the lovely ‘Thank You’ letters and certificates we received from the charities ‘Right To Play’ and ‘Funny Lumps’ for the donations we have made this year using our Primary 7 Tuck Shop profits.

The CORE committee then thanked all of the pupils for competing their Homework Challenge from last month’s right: Article 23 – Disabled children have the right to be fully included and respected at all times. They had chosen the best task from each Stage and announced the winners:

Primary 1 – Lydia impressed the committee by writing down all the places that she found the symbols.

Primary 2 – Eilidh went the ‘extra mile’ and decided to include photographs of all of the symbols she found!

Primary 3 – Torrin also decided to include extra pictures and also found one of the trickier symbols on her search!

Primary 4 – Emily had listed lots of places that she found the symbols. She had done a really good search of Helensburgh.

Primary 5 – Kate impressed us with her definitions of each symbol and her suggestions to make improvements in Helensburgh.

Primary 6 – Logan did a good job of focussing in on accessibility for deaf people in his suggestions.

Primary 7 – Tamas had made some excellent suggestions on ways that Helensburgh could become more accessible.

We would like to add a big thank you for all the shoes that came in – we received more than 500 pairs! 

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