P7 RRS Class Charter (2016)

Primary 7 chose a hot air balloon theme for our Class Charter. We all designed a hot air balloon and then our teachers joined them together to make 3D balloons before adding our photographs to the baskets. This represents how we are all going to work together to reach our targets. We looked at the articles and then decided on five articles that we wanted to focus on. We then discussed ways which we can all help to make sure everyone in P7 has these rights.

Our articles are :

Article 12 – We have the right to give our opinions and be listened to.

Article 13 – We have the right to find out information and share this in different ways.

Article 28 – We have the right to an education.

Article 31 – We have the right to play and rest.

Article 42 – We have the right to know about our rights.