P6/7 Coding Club (2017)

2017 brought our very first coding club to Hermitage Primary. Starting off in P6/7, it’s great to see it now expanded to P4/5 in this second block. Our first sessions centred on an introduction to coding using Apple’s new coding app and platform for children, Swift Playgrounds. While we started off using and creating functions to move a sprite in a 3D world, we quickly progressed to coding simple instructions which could auto-pilot a drone. Once we had mastered coding the drone to take-off, fly for a specified time then land safely on a platform, we then had to code it to fly in specified directions to create distinct shapes. While a square proved more straight forward, we had to use our angles and bearings skills to code the drone to fly in more challenging shapes like a triangle or irregular pentagon. We were also excited to have the opportuntity to experience coding a Spheros SPRK robot roller, more of which we hope to bring to Coding Club in the future.

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If anyone would like to work on their coding skills at home, here are some of the apps we have used at Coding Club…

Swift Playgrounds, Tynker, Lightning Lab.