P6: Survive Scotland Street School (Feb 2018)

Primary Six recently took their learning out of school with a visit to Scotland Street School as part of their Victorians topic. Before heading off, the children explored their own old school with a sneak peek of the annex building where they were tasked with photographing features of an older school which they might also see in Mackintosh’s turn-of-the-century building. The children picked out entrance doors, window designs, stairwells and classroom sizes as the architectural features to compare on their trip.

On arrival at Scotland Street School, the children got to explore the features of the building, the museum and play with the Victorian era outdoor games. However, later that afternoon is where the real ‘fun’ began. After getting into their smocks and waistcoats, and filing-in in the straightest line we’d ever seen, the children got to experience a live Victorian era classroom, complete with the scariest school ma’am you could ever meet. Luckily, she was only a brilliantly scary actor and after an hour of ‘drills’ and absolute obedience 1884 style, the children left in one piece; well, just about.

It was a great day of active and experiential learning, with a special thank you due to our parent helpers, and of course, Ma’am. You can see for yourself in the photos below: