P6: Robert Burns Animation (Jan 2018)

In the lead up to Scottish Afternoon 2018, Primary Six were challenged to teach the school about the life of Robert Burns in a short video to be played to pupils and guests at the opening of the event. Primary Six started the creative journey by researching the life of Burns and writing biographies on him.  Initially conceived as a rap (more on that soon), they then selected the main events of their biographies and turned them into rhyming couplets to tell the tale through poetry. To tell the story as as a short film, P6 then progressed to storyboarding visuals and an animation was decided upon. Finally, pupils worked in teams to animate one of their couplets and contribute towards the short film. We were working right up to the last minute with final edits and ADR but made our deadline and were delighted to present our short film at this year’s Scottish Afternoon.

Here for you is that short film, which tells the life of Burns through poetry and animation. We’ve called it, ‘The First Poet of West Ayr’.