P6: First Cycling Session (Apr 2018)

This week, Primary 6 had the pleasure of starting cycling proficiency. First, we had to check our bikes to see if they are roadworthy. To be roadworthy they had to have working breaks on the front and back, the saddle should be the right height (only the balls of your feet should be touching the ground).  We also had to see if our bikes had a working chain and that you have both a white reflector and a red reflector.

After we had checked everyone’s bike was okay we had a slow race. The rules of the slow race were that your feet can’t touch the ground, your bottom must to stay on you bicycle seat and the slowest person wins.

After the checks, we came inside and got booklets to take home and study book about road safety.

Our first cycling session was really fun and we had a BLAST!!!

Written and reported by K.M. (Reporter, P6 Pupil News Team)