P6: Euro Quiz Results (2019)

P6 have been working very hard on the the 2019 Euro Quiz. This is a challenge where they have to study the EU and then would be tested on their abilities. Their teachers have helped them prepare for this by taking practice quizzes. On Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th March, P6 had a tough time studying for the quiz. A live comment from Mr Craig stated that he thought that the studying was, “Fun but intense and focused.” Other students said that the studying paid off but it was really long. All together on Monday and Tuesday they spent 9 hours researching, sharing their learning and studying for the quiz.

On Wednesday 6th March, P6 had an intense day as they competed in the Euro Quiz heats. There were 16 teams battling it out to get the top score. All the teams had to compete in 4 subjects (Geography, Languages, Understanding Europe and History Culture & Sport)  at the same time in the hall.

The top score from our school heat will be put forward against other schools in Argyll and Bute and the winner of  that will then compete with all of Scotland!

The quiz took from 9-Midday ( including Break). After a long day they finally finished the quiz. We can now give you our top 5 results:

5th place-Crazy Quizinators

4th place-EU Explorers 

3rd place-The Winners 

2nd place-Jam Masters 

1st place-The Best of the Best 

Written and reported by Lilla & Tio (Reporter, P6 Pupil News Team)