P4: Health Week News (2017)

Primary 4 enjoyed these activities during Health Week:

Judo: Pupils from P4 enjoyed taking part in a judo lesson. They learned how to pin people down and also flick and throw them.

Smoothy: P4 made 3 different types of healthy smoothy as part of Health Week. One was strawberry, banana and orange juice. Another was mango, pineapple and orange juice and the last one was made with spinach, mixed frozen berries and cranberry juice. They were scrumptious!

Yoga: Pupils had fun copying yoga postures from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone videos.


Dental visit: A dental nurse came to tell the children the importance of brushing teeth properly.

Athletics: Children did races, experimented with different ways to travel and learned how to throw javelins.

Sailing: Mrs McNeillage  brought her sailing boat to school to show its different features and the children sat in the boat.

Zumba: Pupils learned the importance of breathing properly while doing a physical activity and enjoy the different dance movements.