P3’s Visit From a Local Florist (Feb 2018)

In science, we are learning about plants and to help us with our learning, we had a visit from a local florist, Mrs Buet.  We learned lots about what a florist does and about different parts of plants.  Mrs Buet told us about a famous plant hunter, called George Forrest, who brought plants to Scotland from China, which we now find in our own gardens.  She also told us about plants which are found around Argyll and Bute, which is our topic.   We got to look at the stem of a plant called celery, under a microscope and labelled the parts of a real plant.  We even learned what photosynthesis is and that plants make their own food!  We would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Buet for coming in to help us to learn so much about plants.