P2: Spelling Homework Activity Menu

Yes! You made it here and saved some paper – Emme, Georgia and the Eco Team will be very pleased.

Below you will find the 24 new spelling activities we introduced in class today.  Children should still write their words three times using Look, Sound, Cover, Write, Check and write a sentence using the spelling words. The only thing that has changed is that the children now get to choose the activity that they complete on the blank page.

Choices are important in the children’s learning and help them connect with new concepts and identify activities which fit with the way they like to learn. Choose one activity each week. They may choose to play to their strengths one week and take on a more challenging activity the following week. The choice is entirely theirs. There is even the opportunity to create their own activities. The activities become more challenging as you move from left to right; the yellow being the trickiest. We hope you enjoy the activities and most of all have a little fun while learning and trying to retain spellings. Good Luck.

Remember, if you’d like a printed copy, just let us know in the planner and we’ll send one home.

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Or download a PDF copy by clicking here