P2: Meet (and milk) Bella the Cow

More than a few heads were turned this week as the six foot, four-legged frame of Primary 2’s special visitor was wheeled past classroom windows and into the music and drama room. There, waiting for P2 was Bella the cow; a full, life-sized model Holstein. Bella was a special delivery from Müller Wiseman Dairies to help P2 pupils learn all about how cows are milked. With working udders and a full repertoire of cow noises, pupils were able to practise drawing milk themselves. Bella even gave feedback (in her lovely Scottish accent) as to how pupils were doing. She also had a few not so lady-like habits which had the pupils in stitches.

Primary 2 had a wonderful time with Bella and would like to thank Müller Wiseman Dairies for the opportunity to spend the day with her.