P2: Health Week News (2016)

If you were out for a quiet stroll in Hermitage Park this week and heard the cry, “Go Huskies, go!” followed by the sound of 60 pairs of feet foraging through the frost, sliding through the sleet and marauding through the muck, you may have just met P2’s crack team of cross-country runners. Challenged by their teachers to run a mile each day of Health Week, P2’s response would have warmed the coldest of February mornings. Each day they eagerly lined up in the park ready to run their mile.  But a Scottish winter doesn’t make it that easy. And so it was that they battled through, icy rain, sleet, frost, mud, cuts, bumps and grazes to show what a tough, talented and hard -working team they are. At one point it was suggested that they were like a pack of huskies out battling in all-weather. Just like huskies, they proved they had the strength, stamina and desire to keep running no matter what the elements threw at them. Mr Craig and Mrs Carmichael were incredibly proud of the children and their efforts, but more so, the sense of achievement in the children themselves was really something to behold.  So, the next time, you see a herd of 6 and 7 year old children pounding through the park, you may just have met the P2 Hermitage Huskies.

P2 are also trying to lay claim to being Hermitage’s new smoothie making specialists. After creating their own recipes, P2 and Mrs Stirling got onto blending their concoctions into delicious drinks to enjoy in our healthy smoothie cafe. In a fun-filled week, P2 also had a fantastic time with Mr & Mrs Joseph of Urbaniks streetdance, relaxing with Fiona our massage specialist and learning about oxygen with the Science Centre’s live Go Oxygen, Go! show.

It was a wonderful week of learning, fun and achievement and P2 would like to thank Mr & Mrs Jospeh, Fiona and Mrs Stirling for their time and efforts in helping make it so much fun.  Have a look below at all the exciting things we got up to…


P2 Hermitage Huskies


Fitness Games

Rugby Runs

Go Oxygen, Go!

McCain Potato Tasting

Smoothie Making


Five miles in five days! We definitely deserved a play in the park…