P1: Learning Block 3 Update (Feb 2018)

February has been a busy month for us in P1 with lots of new and exciting activities. We have begun studying our new topic about Dinosaurs and are really enjoying exploring the landscape of these wild beasts. We have also been active and healthy with our Health Week activities too.

Our new topic this learning block started with us sharing what we know about dinosaurs already and then thinking about the different things we want to know. In our classrooms we are asking many questions like: why do T-Rex’s have big teeth? and; are dinosaurs similar to crocodiles? We have been very interested in finding out a bit more about kind of land the dinosaurs lived in and have been using our knowledge and creativity to create our own landscapes using sand and craft materials. We also enjoyed modelling our own dinosaurs out of playdough.

Health Week was fantastic with many different activities for us to learn about keeping active and healthy eating. The Zumba class was lots of fun and we also enjoyed taking some time to relax by doing some yoga in class. Being adventurous by tasting unusual fruits and vegetables was very exciting and we even found some new foods we like. We used our tasting experiences and Maths work about pattern to work with a partner to design tasty fruit kebabs. The visit from the dental nurse and Charlie the Crocodile was useful for helping us to learn how to look after our teeth properly. During the week we had the chance to explore the school garden to learn about how vegetables grow and the tools gardeners use in their gardens.