Health Week 2020

Welcome to Health Week and Virtual Sports Day 2020. Each day there’ll be a new morning fitness video hosted by Mrs Bates and her family, plus a new Virtual Sports Day Challenge hosted by Mr Mulvenna and Mrs McMurdo.

Although each Whole School Challenge is set against a particular day, please feel free to do them as and when you are able.

We do hope you will all be able to participate and have some family fun while learning. We’d love you to share with us through Seesaw or Google Classroom. Many of your shared experiences will feature in next week’s Assembly on Friday 15th May and remember, give your House a “shout-out” to earn those all-important points to determine the House Champion in our first ever Virtual Sports Tournament. Enjoy

Day 1

Day 1: Challenge

Your challenge is to create a short video to ‘teach’ others a fitness skill you have. This could be anything from dance and gymnastics, to a sport or a fitness workout. Please submit your videos in SeeSaw or Google Classroom.

Day 2

Day 2: Challenge

Your challenge is to cook/design a colourful meal or create a food sculpture. You could record yourself making your dish in a ‘This is how it’s done’ TV style way or write out your recipes and share in a creative way.

Day 3

Day 3: Challenge

The ‘How can we stay safe?’ challenge.
There are many ways that we can keep ourselves safe. Your challenge is to show your teacher how you keep yourself safe. You could create a poster, video, piece of writing or something else to promote how we keep safe. The theme of your work could be about hand washing, staying safe online, or how we stay safe around roads or near water.

Day 4

Day 4: Challenge

The ‘Mindfulness’ Challenge. Keeping our minds healthy is just as important for our wellbeing as looking after our bodies. Look out for videos from our resident mindfulness expert, Mrs Johnston to help you keep your mind healthy.

Day 5

Day 5: Challenge

Your challenge today is to think of a creative way to move. You could do this indoors or outdoors. We would like you to post how far you have moved in Google classroom or SeeSaw. We would also like to see videos of all your creative ways of moving! Can we achieve 500 miles altogether??

You might also like to sing our special ‘500 Miles’ song – written for us by Mrs Ridland. Look out for details of the lyrics and the link to the backing track to record your own version and share with us…