Health Week (2016)

Throughout the year, the health and wellbeing curriculum is firmly embedded into daily learning and teaching activities at Hermitage Primary School. However, each year we like to celebrate this learning with a week dedicated to helping pupils make the connection between lifestyle choices and a healthy body and mind.

This year, Hermitage Primary School’s Health Week ran from the 8th-12th February 2016 and focused on five important contributors to a healthy lifestyle: exercise and sport, healthy eating, exercise through dance, meeting health experts and the benefits of relaxation.

Over the course of the week, pupils met expert coaches and practitioners who created sample sessions in a variety of sporting activities as well as relaxation techniques. Across the stages, pupils had the opportunity to try basketball, athletics, hockey, table tennis, cross-country and taekwondo. Mr Martin Caldwell, the local area active sports coordinator, ran mini-fitness classes based on fun games and was again invaluable in supporting the input from these experts.

For the second year running, all stages had the opportunity to work with Mr and Mrs Joseph of Urbaniks streetdance school, with their high-energy sessions proving among the most popular activities of the week. We also had the pleasure of the expertise of Fiona who taught the children relaxation and massage techniques through story and movement, and Mr Johnny Aitken who introduced P3 to fresh, healthy sandwich ingredients. Quorn’s chef visited P7 and Mrs Stirling helped P2 with their smoothie making.

The success of this week and the enjoyment so evident in the pupils is based in no small part to the time and expertise offered by these professionals. We are incredibly grateful to all those who contributed to a wonderful week of learning and new experiences for all pupils. What a great way to lead up to the half term break.

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