Exciting Eco Week in P6 (Mar 2018)

P6 have been working hard in Eco Week. They have had a waste free day and have been recording the growth of their cherry blossoms.

On the first day of Eco Week, P6 planned a waste free lunch. They decided to separate the waste by packed lunch and money lunch at each stage. They estimated the amount by lifting each bin bag and saying which one felt the heaviest. Afterwards, they weighed the bin bags properly and put the information in a graph. They found out that P1 had the most waste and P6 had the least.

Cherry blossoms are blooming in Helensburgh but guess where else there growing?… Japan! Everyday we recorded how the cherry blossoms have grown in Tokyo and Helensburgh.

Cherry blossoms start growing from the south so Japan blossomed first. So far, both Helensburgh and Tokyo are looking beautiful with their cherry blossoms!

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Reported By C.F. (P6 Pupil News Team)