Talent Show 2016 Highlights

Date: 14th Apr 2016, Categories: Pupil Council, Videos

Hermitage Primary pupils showed what a huge array of talents they possess at the annual Pupil Council Talent Show. You can watch highlights as the huge audience whoop, cheer, sing along and support fellow pupils through piano solos, singing, soccer skills, comedy, dance and gymnastics.

P2: Egg Rolling Video (2016)

Date: 26th Mar 2016, Categories: Class of 2014, Videos

Today, P2 took part in one of the stage’s time honoured traditions; the annual P2 egg roll in Hermitage Park. Armed with their eggs-ellent designs, we were witness to zombie eggs, furry eggs, feathered eggs and even some Star Wars eggs. One yoker even wrapped their egg up in an attempt to protect it! But […]

P4: Special Assembly Video (2016)

Date: 19th Mar 2016, Categories: Class of 2012, Special Assemblies, Videos

Today, P4 surprised us all by producing a mini-fringe festival as part of their Edinburgh Special Assembly. You can watch it all here…

P1: Assembly Video (2016)

Date: 14th Mar 2016, Categories: Class of 2015, Special Assemblies, Videos

Today, Primary 1 taught the school and visiting guests all about the ferocious world of dinosaurs as they showcased their interdisciplinary learning in their stage assembly.  Through a wonderful mix of song, drama, reading and special guest appearances, the children demonstrated a fabulous array of skills; from understanding to creativity. Their ‘My Dinosaur’ writing was […]

P1: Health Week News (2016)

Date: 20th Feb 2016, Categories: Class of 2015, Health Week, Videos

Primary 1’s first Health Week was filled with fun, excitement and new experiences…

P2: Health Week News (2016)

Date: 20th Feb 2016, Categories: Class of 2014, Health Week, Videos

If you were out for a quiet stroll in Hermitage Park this week and heard the cry, “Go Huskies go!”…

The Christmas Cracker Showreel

Date: 17th Dec 2015, Categories: Christmas Shows, Videos

Last week the whole school all dressed in costumes and with face paints on delighted their audiences with four fantastic shows and link messages from the choir to celebrate Christmas. Primary four and five started the show with “Move It”, sending a message to share and be kind at Christmas. Primary two followed with “The […]

The Caterpillar Diaries

Date: 14th May 2015, Categories: Class of 2013, Eco Committee, Videos

Day 34 (the last day): And so it begins again… Follow and learn with P2 as they observe and record the progress of their caterpillars in their daily video blog.

P2: Gymnastic Sequences

Date: 7th May 2015, Categories: Class of 2013, Videos

To mark the end of term their gymnastic work, P2 were challenged to create a gymnastic sequence to showcase their PE learning in term 3. Tasked with linking travel, balance and jump through a continuous and flowing sequence, pupils first drew their intentions before filming each other’s initial efforts on an iPad. Pupils then analysed […]

Science Fair 2015

Date: 31st Mar 2015, Categories: Science Fair, Videos

Staff put their feet up for an afternoon as pupils turned teachers at Hermitage Primary’s inaugural science fair. The school was a hive of activity as each class was challenged to share their science learning with another.  There was an audible buzz of excitement as presenting teams readied themselves to discuss their experiences, share their […]