P6 Run Pupil Council Polling Day

Date: 21st Sep 2017, Categories: Class of 2012, Latest News, Primary 6, Pupil Council

Today, P6 successfully organised and ran Hermitage Primary’s first ever polling day. The polling station was led by entirely by P6 pupils with Returning Officers, Presiding Officers, Poll Clerks and Ballot Clerks guiding pupils from P4-P7 through the balloting system. Pollsters were also on hand to try to collect live exit data as pupils left the […]

P6 Launch Electoral Commission for Pupil Council Elections

Date: 21st Sep 2017, Categories: Class of 2012, Latest News, Primary 6, Pupil Council

As part of their democracy topic learning, P6 have been working towards planning, organising and running Hermitage Primary’s first polling day to learn about a democratic election process and to promote and guarantee a fair election and result in the 2017 Pupil Council elections. In this pre-election stage, the pupils formed an electoral commission, chose roles […]

Casual Clothes Day (2016)

Date: 21st Nov 2016, Categories: Charity Events, Pupil Council

The Pupil Council held a Casual Clothes Day on 18 November 2016 and raised a wonderful total of £369.11  through donations from pupils and staff. All proceeds are being donated to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF UK). Well done everyone for taking part and raising money for such a worthwhile cause.

Pupil Council (2016-17)

Date: 21st Nov 2016, Categories: Pupil Council

These are your Pupil Council representatives for 2016-17: Office Bearers: Chair – Hannah Thomson (P7A) and Emily Craig (P7B) Treasurer – Peter Vaughan (P7A) and Jack Rennie (P7B) Secretary – Kyla Steenkamp (P7A) and Frankie O’Connor (P7B) Year Reps: Primary 4 – Iona Richards (P4A), Heather Hughes (P4A), Tio-Rayne Joseph (P4B), and Millie Frizzle (P4B) Primary 5 – Alina […]

Talent Show 2016 Highlights

Date: 14th Apr 2016, Categories: Pupil Council, Videos

Hermitage Primary pupils showed what a huge array of talents they possess at the annual Pupil Council Talent Show. You can watch highlights as the huge audience whoop, cheer, sing along and support fellow pupils through piano solos, singing, soccer skills, comedy, dance and gymnastics.

Crazy Hair Day (2016)

Date: 15th Jan 2016, Categories: Charity Events, Pupil Council

Today, pupils at Hermitage Primary became crazily creative with their locks as canisters of colour, heaps of hairspray and gallons of gel were emptied to create weird and wonderful styles for the annual Pupil Council Crazy Hair Day. With a fantastic turnout, the Pupil Council raised nearly £300 for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Scotland. […]

Sports Day 2015 Invite

Date: 13th May 2015, Categories: Pupil Council, Sports Day

This year’s Sports Day will take place at East King Street Park on Wednesday, 20th May, 2015. Parents and family members are invited to join us for what is always a fun filled event. The starting klaxon will sound at 13:00 sharp.

Talent Show 2015 Highlights

Date: 31st Mar 2015, Categories: Pupil Council, Videos

Hermitage has definitely got Talent! If you don’t believe us, check out some of the highlights from the Pupil Council Talent Show.  It was a fantastic event full of song and dance.  There was even a comedian, soccer skills and a mime artist!  Importantly, the Pupil Council raised over £300 for the Make a Wish […]

Pupil Council Talent Show 2015

Date: 24th Mar 2015, Categories: Pupil Council

Following auditions this week, Friday is the final of the Pupil Council Talent Show 2015. Pupils who would like to watch the show should remember to bring in a £1 donation for Friday.

Pupil Council 2014-15

Date: 2nd Mar 2015, Categories: Pupil Council, Pupil Groups

These are your Pupil Council representatives for 2014-15: Office Bearers: Chair – Owen Davies and Chloe Maguire Treasurer – Cameron Cromar and Enola Archard Secretary – Jenny Hyde and Eva McAloon Year Reps: Primary 4 – Madison Stephen, Aaron Dougan, Charlie Cook, Sophie Riley Primary 5 – Jaz Wright, Jason Rae, Anna Freeman, Evan Calvert Cooper Primary 6 […]