New House Mascots (2016-17)

Date: 13th Nov 2016, Categories: House Teams, Pupil Groups

The house captains are pleased to introduce our wonderful new mascots. Thank you to the winning designers for such fabulous work in creating them. Look out for them on your class points chart and the main house points display in the hall. Keep collecting those new house point tokens to help your house win the […]

House Mascots Competition Winners

Date: 13th Nov 2016, Categories: House Teams, Pupil Groups

Following a house-wide competition, the new mascots for each house were announced at the recent RRS assembly.  The winning artist and runners-up for each house were: Saturn: 1st: Alina (5a) 2nd: Peter (7a) 3rd: Helen (6a) Earth: 1st: Murray (7a) 2nd: Charlie (6a) 3rd: Emma (4b) Jupiter: 1st: Anna (7b) 2nd: Cole (7a) 3rd: Helle (4a) […]

House Captains (2016)

Date: 31st Oct 2016, Categories: House Teams, Pupil Groups

Here are the new House Captains and Vice Captains. Jupiter:  Jessica Smith, Captain David Howie, Vice Captain Earth:      T Jay Lambert, Captain Bradley Trail, Vice Captain Saturn:    Kathryn Fish, Captain Betty Jones, Vice Captain Mars:      Joy Fletcher, Captain Isla Charlton, Vice Captain  

House Points Update ( Feb 2015)

Date: 2nd Mar 2015, Categories: House Teams, Pupil Groups

Here are the latest house point totals up to 27th February 2015. Earth: 1200 Jupiter: 1350 Mars: 1450 Saturn: 1150 Keep working hard for your house.