Open Afternoon (June 2017)

Date: 19th Jun 2017, Categories: Events

On 14 June 2017 families were welcomed to the school to take a look at some of the wonderful learning that’s been taking place this year. Parents and families were invited to visit classrooms and work with children, chat to teachers and enjoy refreshments and pastries from our French style café that was being run by […]

2017 Sports Day (May 2017)

Date: 14th Jun 2017, Categories: Sports Day

An action packed, fun-filled afternoon was had by all at the annual Sports Day on 24th May, as 28 Harry Potter themed teams competed in 7 different events at Helensburgh Rugby Pitches. From the starting klaxon all the children gave their best effort, as the teams vied for team and house points. Well done to everyone who […]

P7 Valedictory Celebrations (June 2017)

Date: 13th Jun 2017, Categories: Special Assemblies

Please note that the Valedictory Ball is on Monday 26th June at 6:30pm at the School. On Thursday 29th June the Valedictory Service will be held at Helensburgh Parish Church at 9:30am, followed by a special P7 Valedictory Assembly, both of these events parents are encouraged to join us. Hope to see you there!   […]

ECO Week – Gardening (2017)

Date: 24th May 2017, Categories: Eco Committee, Eco Week

All classes have been busy preparing their planters in the allotment with seeds and compost. Look out later in the year to see what we have grown!  

ECO Week – P2 Recycling Posters (2017)

Date: 24th May 2017, Categories: Class of 2015, Eco Committee, Eco Week

Primary two learned about materials that can and can’t be recycled. They used their knowledge to create posters to teach others what can and can’t be put in our blue recycling bins.

ECO Week – P4 Battery Recycling (2017)

Date: 24th May 2017, Categories: Class of 2013, Eco Committee, Eco Week

P4 have been researching ways of recycling other items in school. They decided that batteries would be an excellent thing to recycle and contacted a company that could help us. Look out for battery recycling boxes around the school and please bring in any used batteries to recycle. Have a look at the video they […]

ECO Week – P5 Seasonality Charts (2017)

Date: 24th May 2017, Categories: Class of 2012, Class of 2014, Eco Committee, Eco Week

P5 have been learning about seasonality. They have been researching when certain foods are planted and when they are harvested during the year. They used what they have learned to make fantastic seasonality posters to help other children and classes decide what to plant and when to do it.  

ECO Week – P6 Bird Boxes (2017)

Date: 24th May 2017, Categories: Class of 2011, Eco Committee, Eco Week

P6 have been creating homes for birds in our playground. They have also been carrying out bird watches and creating fact sheets showing the birds that can be spotted in our playground.

ECO Week – Litter Picking (2017)

Date: 24th May 2017, Categories: Eco Committee, Eco Week

P7 were challenged to carry out a litter audit of our playground. They picked up litter and sorted it into different categories. They then counted each piece of litter and used their data to create graphs showing their findings. They also identified litter hot spots in the playground and let the P6 litter pickers know […]

ECO Week – Recycled Art (2017)

Date: 24th May 2017, Categories: Eco Committee, Eco Week

During Eco week, classes enjoyed using recycled materials to create a variety of pieces of art. These fantastic creations included P2’s pencil sharpening art, P4’s bottle flowers, P1’s recycled material art and P5’s mobiles. Primary 1 Recycled Material Art   Primary 2 Pencil Sharpening Art   Primary 4 Bottle Flowers Art Primary 5 Mobile Art