Coding Club visit to John Street (March 2017)

Date: 30th Mar 2017, Categories: Clubs, Coding Club

The Coding Club received a special treat on their last day with a visit to The Graham Williamson IT Centre (GWITC) on John Street in Helensburgh to meet some real life coders who work for Argyll & Bute Council’s IT Department. The pupils were treated to a tour of the building including the Server Room […]

P3/P4 Hula Hooping Club (Mar 2017)

Date: 9th Mar 2017, Categories: Clubs, Primary 3, Primary 4

Hula hooping club is made up of some enthusiastic hula hoopers from P3 and P4. The club is run by Mrs Barlow every Tuesday in the music and drama room and has been split into 2 blocks. Every week we work really hard to improve on waist hooping as it is really good exercise to […]

Singing Club (March 2017)

Date: 7th Mar 2017, Categories: Clubs

The Singing Club have been having lots of fun singing a variety of songs from Disney Musicals and current pop songs.  A favourite is Bear Necessities.  We are now working hard on Easter songs for the Easter Service.

Film Club News (March 2017)

Date: 7th Mar 2017, Categories: Clubs, Primary 6, Primary 7

Primary 6 and 7 Film Club have been having great fun learning about the different techniques used in our favourite films. We have learned about different camera angles, shots and how music helps to set the scene. This learning block we have been looking out for all of these techniques in Roald Dahl films and […]

Homework Club (Mar 2017)

Date: 7th Mar 2017, Categories: Clubs

Pupils in the homework club have been making the most of a quiet hour to complete their homework with the help of Mrs Brown and sometimes each other.  

P5-P7 Football Club (2017)

Date: 2nd Mar 2017, Categories: Football Club, Primary 5, Primary 6, Primary 7

The after school football clubs (P5-P7) have been working well over the past 2 learning blocks. They have been able to develop their skills, shooting and have enjoyed taking part in team games. The children who take part in block 2 attended Hermitage Academy at the beginning of February and competed against other schools. Despite the […]

P6/7 Coding Club (2017)

Date: 2nd Mar 2017, Categories: Coding Club

2017 brought our very first coding club to Hermitage Primary. Starting off in P6/7, it’s great to see it now expanded to P4/5 in this second block. Our first sessions centred on an introduction to coding using Apple’s new coding app and platform for children, Swift Playgrounds. While we started off using and creating functions to move a […]

Animation Club (2017)

Date: 2nd Mar 2017, Categories: Film & Animation Club

This year’s animation club started off by learning about simple whiteboard animations which only required pen and a whiteboard to create fun and flowing short animations. Since then, we have been experimenting with photo-realism in our animations and working hard on longer projects which have required multiple backgrounds, moving characters and story elements. Each team’s animation project […]

P4 Football Club (2017)

Date: 1st Mar 2017, Categories: Football Club, Primary 4

P4 Football club have had lots of fun playing games and trying new skills. This block we have focused on improving pupils dribbling ability and close ball control.

Dance Club (2017)

Date: 1st Mar 2017, Categories: Clubs

The boys and girls at dance club have been very creative this year! We have developed our knowledge of various dance skills including balance, gesture, turning, jumping, travelling and stillness. We have used our dance skills in various ways to work individually, in pairs and as a whole group to create a selection of dances […]