P3 School Trip to Inveraray Castle (May 2017)

Date: 5th Jun 2017, Categories: Class of 2014, Primary 3

As part of our Argyll and Bute topic we have been learning about the differences between island, rural and urban life within our council area.  We have been looking at smaller schools and comparing them to our own and on 31st May, we had the opportunity to visit Inveraray Primary School to help us with […]

P1-P3 Road Safety Magic Show (May 2017)

Date: 16th May 2017, Categories: Primary 1, Primary 2, Primary 3

Pupils from Primary 1, 2 and 3 had the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic Road Safety Magic Show presented by Allan’s Magic.  They were informed of the 4 important safety words in relation to crossing roads… They participated in the very catchy Stop, Look, Listen, Think song… https://youtu.be/9kys1wR6lxo They also enjoyed watching some cool magic tricks […]

P3 Outdoors Learning (March 2017)

Date: 27th Mar 2017, Categories: Class of 2014, Primary 3

Primary 3 took their learning outdoors and challenged each other to solve maths problems, including addition and subtraction sums and times tables.

P3 Pancake Day Mathematics

Date: 15th Mar 2017, Categories: Primary 3

There was lots of math work needed in Primary 3 on Pancake Day. Pupils had to use their knowledge of measure, weight and time to make the perfect pancakes!

P3/P4 Hula Hooping Club (Mar 2017)

Date: 9th Mar 2017, Categories: Clubs, Primary 3, Primary 4

Hula hooping club is made up of some enthusiastic hula hoopers from P3 and P4. The club is run by Mrs Barlow every Tuesday in the music and drama room and has been split into 2 blocks. Every week we work really hard to improve on waist hooping as it is really good exercise to […]

Pottery Club (2017)

Date: 28th Feb 2017, Categories: Clubs, Primary 3, Primary 4

P3 and P4 Pottery club have had fun looking at a few different techniques. The children have made pinch pots, tiles and used different mark making techniques, looking at pattern and texture. The children have also had the opportunity to choose items that they would like to make.

P3 Ancient Egypt topic (2017)

Date: 21st Feb 2017, Categories: Primary 3

As part of their topic “Ancient Egypt” Primary 3 followed a recipe to make traditional Egyptian date balls. They had to read the recipe themselves, prepare the ingredients, follow instructions and even tidy up. It was messy but fun. The children all tried eating them but it seems date balls are like marmite – you […]

P3 Health Week News (2017)

Date: 21st Feb 2017, Categories: Health Week, Primary 3

Primary 3 had a physical and fun filled afternoon learning Taekwon-do during health week. Everybody took part and learned how to show respect to their opponent as well as how to pin them down. Some boys and girls were even used to demonstrate a flip! Mya Logan said “the best part was being flipped over, that […]

RRS Spreading the Rights Message (2017)

Date: 24th Jan 2017, Categories: Primary 1, Primary 2, Primary 3, Rights Respecting School

Members of the CORE Committee have been busy visiting the Infant classes throughout the school. Along with the RRS Mascot Woofles, they visited the Primary 1, 2 and 3 classes to read ‘I have the right to be a child’ to the boys and girls. The children enjoyed hearing about their rights through this interesting […]

P3 Shops and Shopping Assembly (2016)

Date: 19th Dec 2016, Categories: News, Primary 3

After the success of our Pop-Up-Tuck-Shop, P3 wanted to share their Shops and Shopping Topic learning through our assembly.  We started with some drama showing that, for some of us, shopping really isn’t an enjoyable experience; unlike our learning which has been great fun!  We then shared what we had learned about foods and shops […]