P6: X-Country Time Trials (Apr 2018)

Date: 18th May 2018, Categories: Class of 2012, News Team

Ahead of the inter-schools x-country relay, Primary 6 held time trials to determine who would compete in the relay race and represent P6. The boys went first, and after an exciting race the qualifiers were: In 1st place – Ross, in 2nd place – Rory, in 3rd place – Alastair, and in 4th place, the […]

The Future of Tour Guiding Lies in P6’s Hands (Mar 2018)

Date: 18th May 2018, Categories: Class of 2012, News Team

Have you ever had a horribly hard homework challenge? Well P6 did. P6 had the task of creating and presenting a Japanese tour. What a challenge! Primary 6 had a budget of £1,000 and had to use it to find a place to stay, transport to use and things to do, all in the space […]

P7 Modern Art Exhibition (2018)

Date: 17th May 2018, Categories: Class of 2011, Modern Art Exhibition

Primary 7 showed us a little heart and soul tonight as they opened their modern art installation on the theme of transition.  The packed gallery of parents and invited guests were treated to a wide variety of ideas, media and techniques which took them on a journey through sculpture, dance, 3D art and musical composition.  Each piece […]

P1: Scottish Puppet and Mask Centre Trip (May 2018)

Date: 16th May 2018, Categories: Class of 2017, Uncategorized

Primary 1 had a treat of visiting the Scottish Puppet and Mask Centre in Glasgow as part of our topic learning about Toys. We were greeted at the centre by some puppet makers and puppeteers who explained a bit about the exciting things we would do during our visit: from puppet making to watching a […]

P3: Inveraray Trip (Apr 2018)

Date: 14th May 2018, Categories: Class of 2015

Primary 3 visited Inveraray as part of their topic, Argyll and Bute. The pupils were given a guided tour of Inveraray Castle and learned information about the history of the castle and surrounding area. We found out about battles, the Dukes and even Queen Victoria! After this we visited Inveraray Primary School to have our […]

P3: Eco Week (Mar 2018)

Date: 14th May 2018, Categories: Class of 2015, Eco Week

P3 had a very busy Eco Week with lots of visitors in, who helped us with our learning.  We started the week by carrying out a traffic survey on Sinclair Street.  We compared two different times of day – Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning, to see which was busier.  We made predictions, gathered our data […]

P3: Outdoor Learning in Maths (Apr 2018)

Date: 7th May 2018, Categories: Class of 2015

We took our maths learning outside to help us to learn about compass points. We drew treasure maps on the playground using chalk and had to describe a route to the treasure using compass point directions to guide us.

P7: Eco Week (Mar 2018)

Date: 7th May 2018, Categories: Class of 2011, Eco Week

Primary 7  collected all the litter from all areas in the playground and then used this data to produce a pie chart and a report. They worked together to come up with solutions to help stop the issue of litter in the playgrounds.  

P6: First Cycling Session (Apr 2018)

Date: 28th Apr 2018, Categories: Class of 2012, News Team

This week, Primary 6 had the pleasure of starting cycling proficiency. First, we had to check our bikes to see if they are roadworthy. To be roadworthy they had to have working breaks on the front and back, the saddle should be the right height (only the balls of your feet should be touching the […]

Exciting Eco Week in P6 (Mar 2018)

Date: 27th Apr 2018, Categories: Class of 2012, Eco Committee, Eco Week, News Team

P6 have been working hard in Eco Week. They have had a waste free day and have been recording the growth of their cherry blossoms. On the first day of Eco Week, P6 planned a waste free lunch. They decided to separate the waste by packed lunch and money lunch at each stage. They estimated the […]