P5: Electricity Topic Challenge (Jan 2018)

Date: 5th Feb 2018, Categories: Class of 2013

P5 were challenged to work together to plan and create a working lighthouse model. Their models had to include a working electrical circuit with a lightbulb and switch. Each group also had to choose a suitable energy source which would power their lighthouses and design a poster justifying their energy source.  Each group had to […]

P5 STEM Topic (December 2017)

Date: 20th Dec 2017, Categories: Class of 2013

  P5 have had lots of fun investigating electric al circuits in their STEM topic: Electricity.  They are able to create working circuits with light bulbs, buzzers and motors.

P4/P5 Arts & Crafts Club (Dec 2017)

Date: 20th Dec 2017, Categories: Art & Crafts Club, Class of 2013, Class of 2014

  Arts and crafts club have had lots of fun creating a range of different crafts and wonderful pieces of art.  

Christmas Concert Photographs for Sale

Please see photographs of our Christmas Concert below.  These are available to purchase at a cost of £1 per print.  The prints will be 7 x 5 and will be printed on high quality photograph paper.  If you wish to purchase order forms are available from school.  Alternatively you can send payment in with your […]

ECO Week – P4 Battery Recycling (2017)

Date: 24th May 2017, Categories: Class of 2013, Eco Committee, Eco Week

P4 have been researching ways of recycling other items in school. They decided that batteries would be an excellent thing to recycle and contacted a company that could help us. Look out for battery recycling boxes around the school and please bring in any used batteries to recycle. Have a look at the video they […]

Pupil Council Talent Show (March 2017)

Date: 27th Mar 2017, Categories: Class of 2010, Class of 2011, Class of 2012, Class of 2013

The Pupil Council organised a fabulous talent show raising money for Robin House. Talented pupils from primary 4-7 auditioned to secure places on the Friday afternoon show hosted by primary seven pupil council members! Well done to everyone involved it was a super afternoon of entertainment and raised £352.00.

P4: Football Club (2017)

Date: 1st Mar 2017, Categories: Class of 2013, Football Club

P4 Football club have had lots of fun playing games and trying new skills. This block we have focused on improving pupils dribbling ability and close ball control.

P4: Water Cycle/Charities Special Assembly (2017)

Date: 1st Mar 2017, Categories: Class of 2013, Special Assemblies

Water Cycle/ Charities After completing Block 2 P4 children wanted to share their topic learning through our assembly with parents and pupils from Hermitage Primary. We started our assembly with a Water Cycle play, where children reminded us the journey of a water droplet by acting out the different stages of it. We then shared […]

P4: Health Week News (2017)

Date: 1st Mar 2017, Categories: Class of 2013, Health Week

Primary 4 enjoyed these activities during Health Week: Judo: Pupils from P4 enjoyed taking part in a judo lesson. They learned how to pin people down and also flick and throw them. Smoothy: P4 made 3 different types of healthy smoothy as part of Health Week. One was strawberry, banana and orange juice. Another was mango, […]

Pottery Club (2017)

Date: 28th Feb 2017, Categories: Class of 2013, Class of 2014, Clubs

P3 and P4 Pottery club have had fun looking at a few different techniques. The children have made pinch pots, tiles and used different mark making techniques, looking at pattern and texture. The children have also had the opportunity to choose items that they would like to make.