P3: Visit to Local Shops (Jan 2018)

Date: 7th Feb 2018, Categories: Class of 2015, News

As part of our Shops and Shopping topic, we wrote to local shops to ask them if we could visit them to find out what it’s like working in a shop.   In our language lessons, we learned how to write letters using the proper layout.  In ICT, we learned how to do touch typing and […]

P5: Electricity Topic Challenge (Jan 2018)

Date: 5th Feb 2018, Categories: Class of 2013

P5 were challenged to work together to plan and create a working lighthouse model. Their models had to include a working electrical circuit with a lightbulb and switch. Each group also had to choose a suitable energy source which would power their lighthouses and design a poster justifying their energy source.  Each group had to […]

P6: Robert Burns Animation

Date: 29th Jan 2018, Categories: Class of 2012, Latest News, Scottish Afternoon, Videos

In the lead up to Scottish Afternoon 2018, Primary Six were challenged to teach the school about the life of Robert Burns in a short video to be played to pupils and guests at the opening of the event. Primary Six started the creative journey by researching the life of Burns and writing biographies on […]

P1: Learning Update (Jan 2018)

Date: 23rd Jan 2018, Categories: Class of 2017

It has been a busy time full of learning and exploring in Primary 1. As part of our RME topic, we have been learning all about welcoming a baby and remembering our time as babies too. We had to bring in some of our own baby pictures and guess whose pictures belonged to whom. We […]

P4: Accelerated Reading (Jan 2018)

Date: 23rd Jan 2018, Categories: Class of 2014, Latest News

P4s lead the way in Accelerated Reading at Hermitage Primary. “The more that you read, the more things you will know.  The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” –  Dr Seuss      

P4: Physical Education (Jan 2018)

Date: 23rd Jan 2018, Categories: Class of 2014

During Block 2 P4s have been learning the different skills necessary to play volleyball.  Pupils were engaged throughout the series of lessons and developed their understanding and application of skills and strategies taught.  They really enjoyed it!  

P4: Fairtrade (Jan 2018)

Date: 23rd Jan 2018, Categories: Class of 2014

As part of P4s charity IDL, Mrs Lambert came to the class to share her experiences as a Volunteer Worker for Fairtrade.  Children practiced their note taking skills by listening carefully to key information.  The children used these notes to create a new text in the form of a thank you letter.

P4: Scottish Afternoon (Jan 2018)

Date: 23rd Jan 2018, Categories: Class of 2014, Latest News, Scottish Afternoon

As part of Scottish Afternoon Primary 4s were given the choice of 2 poems by JK Annand to recite.  The teachers were very impressed with high standards and effort the children gave to this task. https://youtu.be/2WFdWG9cRNk

P1: Practice their Ball Skills (Jan 2018)

Date: 17th Jan 2018, Categories: Class of 2017, News

Our P1 classes enjoyed practising their ball skills today.  Many tried dribbling, bouncing and passing different types of balls.

P7: Internet Safety Talk (Jan 2018)

Date: 16th Jan 2018, Categories: Class of 2011, News

Primary 7 had an internet safety talk with PC Stamp. The children asked very good questions and not one of them gave out their passwords when asked! They now have to design a poster about how to stay safe on the internet – Good luck Primary 7!