P2: Personal Talks

Date: 22nd Feb 2017, Categories: Class of 2015

To end our Talking and Listening work in Learning Block 2, P2 were tasked with preparing a personal talk about an item or experience of personal interest. The children worked incredibly hard to interest their audience, remember a loud clear voice and eye contact. The standard of talks and the variety of interesting objects and […]

P7 Health Week News (2017)

Date: 22nd Feb 2017, Categories: Class of 2010, Health Week

Primary 7 enjoyed a busy and fun filled Health Week with lots of activities to help make healthier choices to ensure a happy mind and body in the future. We had an interesting session learning all about Quorn and the history behind making this protein filled food. We then cooked using plenty of healthy ingredients […]

P3: Ancient Egypt topic (2017)

Date: 21st Feb 2017, Categories: Class of 2014

As part of their topic “Ancient Egypt” Primary 3 followed a recipe to make traditional Egyptian date balls. They had to read the recipe themselves, prepare the ingredients, follow instructions and even tidy up. It was messy but fun. The children all tried eating them but it seems date balls are like marmite – you […]

P3: Health Week News (2017)

Date: 21st Feb 2017, Categories: Class of 2014, Health Week

Primary 3 had a physical and fun filled afternoon learning Taekwon-do during health week. Everybody took part and learned how to show respect to their opponent as well as how to pin them down. Some boys and girls were even used to demonstrate a flip! Mya Logan said “the best part was being flipped over, that […]

P2 Health Week News (2017)

Date: 20th Feb 2017, Categories: Class of 2015, Health Week, Videos

In an action packed week of health, fitness and lifestyle learning, P2 enjoyed some fabulous experiences to help promote a healthy balanced lifestyle and the importance of physical wellbeing. The huge smiles during the judo session tell you how popular the activity was while the Zumba dance lesson and fun fitness were a great way […]

Themed Menu Days (March 2017)

Date: 20th Feb 2017, Categories: Uncategorized

Take at look at our upcoming Themed Menu days on Wednesday 1st and Thursday 9th March 2017:

P2: Rugby Drills (Final Session)

Date: 6th Feb 2017, Categories: Class of 2015

Rugby skills were again high on P2’s list of experiences in this final week of their taster sessions. The children were keen to update you and share photos of the team drills which involved weaving, rolling and passing through an obstacle course. The high energy session brought together skills from earlier lessons and certainly kept us warm […]

Badminton Club

Date: 6th Feb 2017, Categories: Badminton Club

The badminton club have been practising very hard for the upcoming Primary Schools Championships being held at The Meadow Centre in March. These photos show them working on serves, returns and doubles games.

P1 can count on P7 (2017)

Date: 6th Feb 2017, Categories: Class of 2010, Class of 2016

Primary 7 recently teamed up with Primary 1 to create some exciting new board games. The games were designed to help P1 with maths and include some fun ways to learn the numbers to 20. We hope P1 enjoy playing them in class.